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We apologize in advance for creating this AUP. It was created only out of necessity to avoid billing and support assumptions and misunderstandings.  More importantly from our perspective, we needed a policy to protect Syncronicity from the unethical customers out there who request and use of services for a period of time - then refuse to pay and from others who simply change the DNS records and move in "the middle of the night". This policy protects both of us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please call us at 303-256-4657 for clarification.

1.1     If customer does not understand or agree with this policy, you must contact us via phone within 14 days of activation to request clarification and/or termination without penalty.  Continued use of our services after the initial 14 day account activation period constitutes acceptance of this AUP - there are no exceptions.

1.1a     SYNCRONICITY does not allow adult-oriented sites or the solicitation of illegal activities on any of its servers. Customers found distributing this type of materials will be terminated and billed $500 per incident.

1.1b     SYNCRONICITY does not allow software (freeware, shareware, third-party apps, etc) to be stored or downloaded from our servers. Any customer found re-distributing illegal software will be terminated and billed $250 per incident.

1.1c     SYNCRONICITY does not allow abuse of server resources of any kind, including but not limited to excessive disk space & bandwidth utilization, spamming, unsecured ASP/PHP/CFM scripts, illegal audio/video streaming or inefficient Access databases (over 10mb) causing high CPU utilization or overall server performance issues. Customers in violation of this policy may have their accounts suspended until they are in compliance.

1.2     Customer understands that SYNCRONICITY'S equipment and/or vendor property is to be used only for lawful purposes. Customer takes full responsibility for any wrongful actions he or she commits or allows being committed using SYNCRONICITY'S equipment or vendor-owned property.  SYNCRONICITY or other relevant authorities may determine inappropriate usage of this service and your user account may be revoked at SYNCRONICITY'S discretion.

1.3     Customer shall indemnify SYNCRONICITY against any and all damages, losses, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising from any negligent act or omission or misconduct of customer, or its employees, agents or sub-contractors, and for any breach by customer of any term or condition of this agreement.

1.4     In no event shall SYNCRONICITY be liable for loss of profits, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or other similar damages, arising out of the performance of this agreement. In the event any remedy fails of its essential purpose, or in any other event, SYNCRONICITY'S liability shall not exceed the amount of monthly fee paid to SYNCRONICITY by customer under this agreement.

1.5     SYNCRONICITY'S service is provided on an "as-is", "as-available" basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.  SYNCRONICITY expressly disclaims any representation or warranty that the SYNCRONICITY service will be error-free, secure or uninterrupted.  No oral advice or written information given by SYNCRONICITY, it's employees, licensors or the like, will create a warranty; nor may you rely on any such information or advice.

1.6     Limitation of liability.  Under no circumstances, including negligence, will SYNCRONICITY, or one of its affiliates be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use of or inability to use SYNCRONICITY or the Internet, including but not limited to reliance on any information obtained via the SYNCRONICITY'S service or obtained from the Internet; or that result from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files or e-mail, loss of or damage to data, errors, defects, viruses, delays in operation, or transmission, or any failure of performance, whether or not limited to acts of God, communications failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to SYNCRONICITY'S records, programs or services.  You hereby acknowledge that this provision will apply whether or not SYNCRONICITY is given notice of the possibility of such damages and that the provision will apply to all content, merchandise or services available from SYNCRONICITY.

1.6     SYNCRONICITY is not liable for backups for any person or company who we provide hosting services for. It is the customers' responsibility to make backups of your materials (html, images, databases) on a regular basis (or as often as you feel necessary). Although we perform routine backups internally, we cannot guarantee any restoration of lost customer data. SYNCRONICITY assumes no legal or monetary liability for website content or database materials housed on our virtual servers that is lost for any reason unless the individual client contract specifies otherwise.

1.7     SYNCRONICITY strongly recommends that customers practice common-sense security procedures by refraining from storing credit card information or any proprietary data within their web/ftp space without the use of very strong encryption software. The Internet is a shared public network with access by hundreds of millions of people - therefore we assume no responsibility for the loss or theft of credit card or propriety information unless otherwise specified in your monthly or annual service contract.

1.8     Web and e-mail hosting customers are fully responsible for protecting their personal property (PC's/Networks) against viruses, adware, trojan horses and any other internet-related bug/vulnerability. It is your responsibility to maintain current virus definitions, adequate firewall software, O/S and browser upgrades and software application patches which help reduce your risk of infection/vulnerability.  In some cases we are able to help customers troubleshoot and repair their computers via phone. Call for fees. Additionally, we would be happy to recommend a qualified technician that can come to your home/office.

Syncronicity requires all form-mail and file-upload scripting code to be free from any known bugs, hacks and vulnerabilities.  It is the sole responsibility of your webmaster to ensure that your domain is free from such attacks such as e-mail header injection scripts which can be used to send out tens of thousands of e-mail messages (usually spam) from your website or to attempt to upload files to our servers. Vulnerable or un-secure code includes scripts written in PHP, Cold Fusion, ASP, FrontPage and/or java-script forms where code is not protected from use by others outside your domain. Failure to protect or secure your domain may result in account termination as well as fines of up to $500 per incident.  These fines are imposed on us by the data center where our servers are hosted.  Customer (you) accepts full responsibility for any and all fines incurred by us if your website is used for any type of abuse mentioned above.

1.10   Syncronicity understands that websites may be prone to attack via outside sources that are beyond anyone's control.  Our servers are pro-actively monitored 24 hours a day and our staff, consultants and upstream IP carriers work round the clock to prevent such instances.  However, in the event that such attack (commonly referred to as "DDOS") occurs that we can not prevent/mitigate due to matters outside of our control (such as DNS forwarding or A/MX records handled by another party), the customer assumes responsibility for any and all charges.  We do not charge the customer (you) for tech support hours required to mitigate the situation, but customer (you) accepts full responsibility for any and all fees incurred for bandwidth overage caused by such an attack.  Bandwidth overages will billed to customer (you) at our actual wholesale cost.

1.11   Customers have full FTP access 24/7 and are able (strongly encouraged) to make backups at their convenience as many times per month as needed.  Syncronicity is not responsible for creating backups or archiving client data unless specified in writing. Although we routinely backup data on a daily/weekly basis, these are used for internal disaster recovery events such as hardware (disk) or software server emergencies only.  Do yourself a favor, make backups regularly - there's no extra charge to do it - so be pro-active and schedule it often.

1.12   In order to avoid the constant mail server "blacklisting" that was taking place during recent weeks, SYNCRONICITY will no longer allow customer e-mail accounts to forward to Comcast addresses.   Effective 11.17.06, all current customers who forward to e-mail to Comcast, will be converted to POP3 accounts or you can choose to forwarded mail to another provider like Yahoo, HotMail or Gmail.  This policy only applies to mail forwarding accounts and only to addresses.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

1.13  CPU abuse is bad for all clients in a shared hosting environment.  We continually monitor the performance loads on all of our web servers and in the past three years have experienced higher than normal CPU usage - specifically from Cold Fusion based websites using Microsoft Access databases over 10MB.  If your Access database grows beyond 10MB and it crashes, becomes corrupt or otherwise causes performance issues for other clients in our shared environment, SYNCRONICITY will immediately warn you of the situation via e-mail and strongly encourage you to upsize to either MSSQL server.  Please take this seriously.  Failure to comply with 14 days, may result in the de-activation of your database and or eventual termination of the website until the problem is corrected.  We will assist you in migrating (upsizing) your database to SQL at no additional charge, however assistance with any HTML coding that may be required is available on a hourly basis.



2.1     One-time account activation and/or new domain registration set up fees are non-refundable. Additional service upgrades and options are assessed a nominal one-time activation where applicable.

2.2     Billing for services begins at the time your request for service is activated on our servers. There are no exceptions.  We send out confirmation messages via e-mail, fax or phone immediately after the account is established notifying the client that the account has been activated.

2.3     Payment is due at the time service is requested. Your username and password will be sent to your or your webmaster when payment is received and confirmed. Payment can be made via credit card, PayPal, personal or business check.

2.3     SYNCRONICITY does not store credit card numbers on any computer, server or backup device connected to the internet.  This for our mutual protection.  Additionally, access to your credit card information is password-protected and access is limited to two staff members who have been with the company since it's inception in 1997.

2.4    Customer is responsible for any/all fees associated with collecting monies owed to Syncronicity. These fees include late charges of $10/per month or 1.75% of the amount owed (whichever is greater), collection agency fees, attorneys fees and court fees. Your account will remain open and billing will continue until the entire balance & fees are paid.

2.5     SYNCRONICITY no longer offers a monthly billing option for new customers.

2.5b     Unless otherwise specified or contracted for in writing, all new accounts will be billed quarterly. Monthly billing arrangements for our legacy customers is still available - but requires payment via credit card and will incur a $4.95/mo administrative fee.  If you wish to avoid the fee, simply request a quarterly or annual pay option.

2.6    Payment in full is due on the date indicated on the invoice. Payments must be received on or before the due date or they will be considered late and are subject to a minimum $10 service fee or 1.75% of the total outstanding monthly balance (whichever is higher).  Accounts which are 7 days past due will be automatically placed on administrative hold ("suspended").  Web sites will be re-activated only after payment in full is received plus a $50 server re-activation fee.

2.7     Customer is responsible for any and all bank charges incurred by SYNCRONICITY - plus a $20 handling/processing fee - as a result of lack of funds in your bank/credit card account. Your web and mail account will be immediately de-activated until we receive payment via cashiers check.

2.8     If needed, payments may be pro-rated during your first month of service. Please request this when ordering. Only applicable to customers on quarterly billing cycles.

2.9     Annual pre-paid plans. If you subscribe to one of our discounted annual or multi-year pre-paid plans in order to take advantage of a special or discounted rate - then decide to switch providers or cancel service before your term is completed, you will be eligible for a pro-rated refund based on current monthly fees during the time your plan was active (with 45-days written notice).  A check in the amount of the difference (if any) will be mailed to you within 60 days.

2.9a    Our VPS personal plan is non-refundable.

2.9b     In the event that SYNCRONICITY is sold or acquired, you will be entitled to a full cash refund of any remaining account balance or we will make sure the new company honors your current service contract rates and terms. You will have the option to continue or cancel service - your investment is 100% safe - we guarantee it.

2.9c    SYNCRONICITY is proud of it's reputation of never having to issue a credit card chargeback.  We only bill your credit card with your authorization.  You will never have a questionable charge appear on your monthly credit card statement from us - we simply don't do business that way.

2.10    Customers who have pre-paid for service can upgrade their account plans at any time. SYNCRONICITY will review your current account balance, apply the new rate plan, and will adjust the amount of pre-paid time remaining on your service contract.

2.11    Additional Disk Storage Space per month is billed at $25/100MB block.

2.12    Additional Monthly Data Transfers are billed at $8/GB.

2.13    Customer accounts requiring higher than normal CPU, disk, bandwidth and server memory allocations are subject to additional resource utilization fees ranging from $125-225 per month. Customer will be contacted a minimum of 30-days in advance to notify of any pending increases and/or to discuss managed dedicated server options.

2.14    Advanced Spam & Virus Filtering is available @ $1.95/mailbox per month. Blocks of "Email Defense Service" (EDS) accounts may be purchased at a discounted rate - please contact our sales department. Five (5) mail aliases are included per (EDS) account (same domain).

2.15    There is no fee to activate auto response/vacation messaging or mail forwarding.  Customers have access to a browser enabled mail configuration page and can customize their mail settings/options 24 hours a day.  We will gladly assist you in creating a mail auto-responder and training you how make changes.

2.16    Any additional services requested outside the scope of the services offered as part of your hosting service plan are available at a rate of $35-125/hour.  These services include, but are not limited to, training, consulting services, troubleshooting & repairing broken code, file retrieval from tape backup ("archives"), uploading HTML or graphic files which you provide on ZIP diskettes or CD-ROM to the SYNCRONICITY servers.

2.17    Some service upgrades and options (add-ons) may require a nominal one-time activation fee. Refer to your specific plan for options and applicable rates.



3.1    SYNCRONICITY has a 12-year reputation for delivering exceptional customer support services.  However, if a customer is not completely satisfied with the service(s) we provide directly or through our outsourcing partners, you have the right to cancel your service without an early termination penalty. Customer MUST make us aware (via phone or e-mail) of any technical issues and more importantly, give us an opportunity to validate and correct the issue(s).  SYNCRONICITY takes a great deal of pride in our work and will do whatever we can to earn your business long-term.

3.2    Customer agrees to notify SYNCRONICITY via e-mail, US Mail or faxcimile 60 days prior to account cancellation and agrees to pay any remaining account balances via credit card the same day the termination request is received in our office.

3.3     Requests for service cancellation will be honored as soon as the account is paid in full - which is equal to a minimum of one quarterly billing cycle.

3.3.a  All services will be terminated immediately or according to the specific termination instructions on your fax or e-mail. Account cancellations that do not provide 60 days advance notice (per 3.1) are subject to a $75 administrative processing fee plus the one quarterly billing cycle - payable via credit card.

3.3b   All requests for termination must include the effective date of termination. If a termination date is not included, services will be de-activated on the day the request is received by our staff. Accounts which are not terminated in accordance with the above procedures shall remain active and continue to incur service charges until properly terminated. Billing for services will continue and your account will remain open until all payments are received.  The effective date can not be retro-active.

3.4     Accounts will not be considered closed when you change the DNS records to another ISP or Webhost without notifying SYNCRONICITY first as described in section 3.1. Your account will remain open and billing will continue until balance is paid. All deadbeat accounts are turned over to Centennial Credit & Collections, and in extreme cases where amounts over $500 are due, will be reported to the Better Business Bureau, the State Attorney General and the Internal Revenue Service.

3.4a    Although we do not experience a high customer turnover rate, we have had a few unethical clients "walk out" overnight without paying or notifying us. Simply changing ISP's or Web hosting companies without notifying us and/or paying off any unpaid balances FIRST is considered theft and will be reported to the proper authorities in your area - including the Better Business Bureau, the State Attorney General and the Internal Revenue Service.

3.4b    Syncronicity assumes no responsibility for loss of data (web/mail) as a result of improperly terminated accounts. We strongly recommend that all customers coordinate the transfer from our servers to their new provider's servers to ensure a smooth transition - this includes making sure you have good recent data backups before changing the DNS servers. Failing to coordinate or communicate clearly can cause an interruption in services which makes everyone look bad and causes bad business relations.

3.4c    Customer reserves the right to cancel the initial termination request.  In such cases, customer MUST send a written request (fax or e-mail) requesting that Syncronicity re-activate all services specified in such message. It sounds odd...but it does happen. Customer will be responsible for paying a one-time activation fee and agrees to re-establish service for a minimum of one quarterly billing cycle - payable via credit card.

3.5    Modifications - Syncronicity reserves the right to modify this AUP without notice in at our sole discretion. Such modifications shall be effective when posted. A link to this AUP is printed on all invoices and it is the customer's responsibility to make sure they understand and agree to it while they remain an active customer. Payment of your initial invoice by check, money order or credit card constitutes acceptance of these terms.  If you do not agree with the terms stated on this page, you should contact us immediately for clarification or to discontinue your account.  Failure to do so constitutes acceptance of these terms.

3.6    In the event of any termination for breach of this agreement you may not establish a new subscription with SYNCRONICITY for one year from the date of termination. Customers who previously had accounts terminated due to lack of payment are no longer welcome on our network or servers.  Upon and after termination, SYNCRONICITY will not be obligated to provide you with access to any stored e-mail or content related to your account.


4.1     All CGI/Perl scripts must be pre-approved by SYNCRONICITY prior to use on our servers.  Customer agrees to send all CGI scripts to: our help desk and should include short description of what the script actually does in the body of the message. As a courtesy, once the script is approved we will upload it to the server for immediate use.  Bad scripts will be returned to you for repair by your webmaster. Failure to have your script pre-approved before upload may result in account termination.

4.1b    SYNCRONICITY is not responsible for poorly written applications and coding errors that cause performance problems. Our software engineering staff is available (for a fee) to assist with with coding and database issues. Please contact us for support.

4.2     Customer understands that SYNCRONICITY is a web hosting provider and that we are not responsible for technical support issues relating to your Internet Service Provider (i.e.: slow access speeds, old software, connection issues, etc.)

4.2b    Some of our hardware/software and backend infrastructure as well as system administration support services may be contracted out to our data center staff. There may be instances when you will be referred directly to them for support issues beyond our immediate control.  Rest assured, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you feel you are not getting an issue resolved in a timely manner, please contact management immediately. 

4.3     Web site maintenance can be performed 24 hours a day via FTP or the FrontPage Publishing Wizard.  SYNCRONICITY is not responsible for poorly written source code or scripts which result in broken links, inaccessible areas or slow server response times on your web site.  Please consult directly with your webmaster to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your files before uploading them to the server.

4.4     Upon request, SYNCRONICITY will set up web statistics viewing for our clients. If you would like SYNCRONICITY to configure web site statistic viewing, you must contact us to request it. Customers can review their site statistics anytime, 24 hours a day and have the option of downloading/saving the results directly to their computer for future review and manipulation or simply printing them for future review.

4.5    SYNCRONICITY strongly urges clients to download or print your web stats on a regular basis. Although our web stat policy only guarantees access to your web site statistical data for a maximum of 90 days, SYNCRONICITY may often times offer stats for longer periods of time as disk storage space and personnel resources allow.  If it is absolutely essential that you have statistical data for a full calendar year, please contact us immediately at (303) 256-4657 and we will work with you to set this up.

4.6    SYNCRONICITY can provide support for third party software cgi-enabled products like bulletin boards, shopping carts, guest books, hit counters, etc. However, there is a nominal system administration set up fee to install these. It's always best to ask first.

4.6b   Effective April 1, 2005, SYNCRONICITY will no longer provide FREE software upgrades or security patches for third-party add-on software programs (ie: bulletin boards, etc). Our staff is available to assist with these type of support requests at a rate of $55/hr. Additionally, it's important to note that sites which are not upgraded or patched are vulnerable to hackers, so we reserve the right to terminate any non-patched sites as needed to protect our web/mail servers.

4.6c    SYNCRONICITY reserves the right to not install or discontinue use of any third-party scripts or databases that we feel pose a security risk or that require high than normal CPU resources on our servers. Effective March 18, 2005, additional fees of $20-50/mo for bulletin board or discussion board software may apply due to heavy CPU server loads.

4.6d    Customers who install third-party software applications such as PHPBB will not be allowed to use the "private messaging", "message notification" or "avatar" features.  This policy is in effect to circumvent security vulnerabilities.  SYNCRONICITY reserves the right to terminate access to any third-party application that is not "patched" on a regular basis.

4.8    SYNCRONICITY offers free and unlimited technical support via phone for the first 90 days. After 90 days, all non-emergency server support must be submitted via e-mail.  Advanced hourly or monthly retainer support packages are available


5.1     SYNCRONICITY does not charge a fee to transfer your existing domain or to set up a new domain for your "virtual" web site at the time your new account is activated. However, we will charge a one-time $10 domain-processing fee to register additional domain name(s) for your business.  There is no limit to the number of domains you can register.

5.2     SYNCRONICITY will help register or transfer a domain name to our servers per your request. Network Solutions, DomainSite, GoDaddy, and OpenSRS are reputable registrars and their fees can range anywhere between $9-35 per year.

5.3     If requesting the registration of a domain name, you certify that to the best of your knowledge the use of this name does not violate the trademark, service mark, or other proprietary name or mark of any other person or entity.  Registering a domain name does not infer any legal rights to that name and any disputes between parties over the rights to use a particular name are to be settled between the contending parties.

5.4     Additional domain "pointers" in excess of your account package may be purchased. Please refer to our Domain Name "pointing" service for specific details.

5.5     Domain Name Parking only customers are not allocated web space. All "parked" domain names will be temporarily pointed at our root-level domain ( until the customer signs up for a VP hosting package or our DNS Plus service.


6.  SSL

6.1     Customers can request a Private SSL certificate (required for secure server-browser communications). First year fee is $275 and includes a one year certificate from Thawte Consulting/Verisign or GeoTrust. Annual renewal fees are $125-$175.

6.2     The SSL certification application process involves the completion and submission of a lot of paperwork. This paperwork is required to authenticate your business and is mandatory before a certificate will be issued. The normal process can take up to three weeks - but can be expedited if you have a Dunn & Bradstreet number (DUNN).

6.3     Unless otherwise requested, all SSL certificates are regular strength. If you require 128k strong encryption, the certificate authority (CA) does charge a bit more - please call 303.256.4657.

6.4     Customer understands that simply having an SSL certificate does not necessarily protect data submitted via form-mail scripts. Only the data communications between the clients web browser and the server is encrypted. Form scripts that capture data and save it to the server as a file or scripts that encrypt the email via a "wrapper" are considered "secure". Customer is responsible for protecting their websites accordingly.

6.5     Customer understands that they should not store or maintain credit card information on a shared web hosting server. Customer is responsible for protecting their clients credit card or personal information. If you need to store or maintain credit card information, you should consider a "dedicated" server with dedicated firewalls, etc. These services are available to you, please contact us for a quote.



7.1     Our referral program continues to be very popular. However, if you would like to move a block of customers to our service, please call us at 303-256-4657 to inquire about available bulk discounts we can provide to your customers.

7.1     Reseller programs are available with discounts ranging from 15-30% the posted fees. Discount % is determined on the type of reseller option you chose. Contact us at (303) 256-4657 for specific information.



8.1     SYNCRONICITY does not allow clients to combine advertised or non-advertised specials, promotions or discounts with any other special, discount or promotion.

8.2    Customer understands that some pre-paid promotional offers may be non-refundable.

8.3    Proof of 501c3 non-profit status is required to take advantage of our special discounted no-profit hosting rates. The 15-20% discount applies to the base hosting only - service option and upgrades are not included.

8.4     Promotional discounts and offers are only available to first-time customers or customers who have not had service with us for at last 12-months.



9.1     Client understands that they are hiring SYNCRONICITY as a consultant and as such, will be responsible for submitting a 1099 annually.  Additionally, all consulting service fees must be paid at the time service is rendered and are non-refundable.

9.1b     SYNCRONICITY does not allow clients to combine advertised or non-advertised specials, promotions or discounts with any other special, discount or promotion.

9.2     Customer will be billed at an hourly rate of $50-125 per hour for any web design services above and beyond the contracted project or proposal.

9.3     Photo scanning and image manipulation is billed at a flat rate of $15 and $35 per item respectively with discounts on multiple images. It's always best to have us quote a firm price for your entire project.

9.4     Once a web site has been approved by the customer and is uploaded to our servers (or theirs), the customer shall retain full ownership of the source code and are fully responsible for keeping it current. We can provide ongoing site maintenance on a per project basis or on a flat per month rate - please call.

9.5      All web design projects created by SYNCRONICITY become the sole property of the customer (you) only after payment in full has been received. Unless otherwise contracted for, the customer will be responsible for downloading and maintaining current backups/archives as described in section 2 of this policy.

9.6      SYNCRONICITY is not liable for any loss of website data resulting from viruses, system hardware/software crashes or incompetence on your end. If backups or archives are required, you must contract to have this service provided on a regularly scheduled basis or simply download a copy via FTP at your convenience 24 hours a day.

9.7      Customer acknowledges the current rate plans and understands that they are responsible for any and all charges incurred beyond the original proposal. No additional work (text changes, graphic images, etc) will be provided free of charge UNLESS you are participating in our non-profit / pro-bono development offer and have a written statement from us indicating such changes.

9.8      Customer agrees to pay a 50% deposit on all web design projects before work begins. The remaining balance is due with 5 business days after completion - at which time ownership rights and full access will be granted to you or your organization.


SYNCRONICITY reserves the right to modify this agreement and/or hosting packages at any time and without notice. A link to this AUP is provided at the bottom of every invoice and it is your responsibility to review and agree to the terms and conditions set forth above prior to initiating or continuing service.  Current customers will be notified of any policy violation and will be given an opportunity to correct the situation. 

It's important to note that our prices have not increased in the past 10 years and many plan prices have been decreased. Therefore, if you signup for a plan today and do not make any significant changes, you're locked at that rate forever.  However, if your specific hosting plan price is reduced or services are increased, customer shall contact us to make the adjustment moving forward.

All of the terms & conditions mentioned above are a matter of policy and intended to avoid any possible misunderstandings that may arise. Most matters can be resolved quickly via telephone. Please call 303.256.4657 with any questions.  After you have read, understand and agreed to the above terms and conditions, then you may: SIGN UP

"If you like our service, tell someone...If not, tell us!"



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